The Story of RAAHO

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

We're out to revolutionize trucking in India!

Simply Put

RAAHO is a company whose mission is to make Indian truck-based logistics simpler, more efficient and transparent. In doing so, we will benefit not just shippers across India, but also truck owners, drivers, and ultimately the economy and even the environment!

An Industry Crying Out for a Solution

It’s 2019: We order our mobile phones online. Our cars have artificial intelligence fresh from Silicon Valley. Our foods are grown using modern methods. But strangely, the way we transport all this is still steeped in the past, rife with stress, opaque costs and delays. Shippers struggle to find reliable transport, or don’t know where their consignment is once they do. Truck owners often face empty return journeys, bringing up their overall costs. Drivers who have to spend a lot of time on the road are saddled with the added headache of tracking down a last-minute customer in a far-flung area. An industry which transports 65% of India’s goods is highly fragmented, run off rudimentary registers by brokers.

All this has a ripple effect on the economy: Inefficient trucking means slower procurement. Unpredictable supply chains. Delayed deliveries. A transportation cost which is 30% more expensive than in the USA. Lost opportunity cost. Not to mention, traffic snarls and the deleterious impact

Just imagine if we could solve even 10% of this problem.

And what that would mean for trucking stakeholders, the economy and the planet!

An Industry Crying Out for a Solution

We saw an opportunity to create an impact that goes beyond just trucking. By connecting shippers to truck owners, we could eliminate a lot of the stress and uncertainty of the logistics process - leaving everyone to focus on what they do best.

Over the last few months, we have built a product tailor-made for the industry: It’s been developed in consultation with shippers, truck owners and drivers. We even bought and operated a small fleet of trucks for a year to experience and understand the problems, first-hand. By applying a simple yet robust technology layer, we are looking to solve a decades-old problem which will not just lower these inefficiencies, but eliminate them altogether.

To us an empty truck is a wasted opportunity.

A Product Built for the Industry

All this ambition falls flat if our partners didn’t trust us. After all, being bootstrapped, we didn’t have money for glitzy campaigns or cashbacks - so we had to rely on doing a damn good job!

Shippers of goods get peace of mind with trackable trucks - so they don’t need to worry till the shipment reaches its destination. The vehicles and drivers go through a rigorous verification process, so there is no worry about who is handling the goods.

Truck owners are able to utilize their fleet more efficiently, reducing ‘empty’ time. Not only do they get an easier, quicker way of finding a load, they also get transparent, fair pricing without stress. Go!also gives them trackability and analytics - helping them optimize their fleet and routes, giving business insights into future expansion. But best of all, they get paid fairly and much faster - sometimes up to 2 months quicker.

Lastly, the drivers can focus on just driving! Without the headache of needing to negotiate with brokers or finding far-flung customers, these hard-working men at the wheel can do their job in peace, reducing risk of accidents, wrong routes and illness.

Why We Believe This Will Work... and why RAAHO Will Succeed!

Both the Indian transportation market and trucking-tech market are poised to see exponential growth in the next few years. There are market factors ripe for building a B2B trucking marketplace.

Thanks to the mobile revolution, everyone is comfortable with smartphones - basic tasks like searching & booking available trucks will be as simple and intuitive as ordering a cab or food online. This is a hyper-connected industry, so we believe word-of-mouth will carry it forward.

We have also invested months being with our stakeholders: establishing relations, understanding their problems and motivations, and getting our own hands dirty rather than making fancy presentations. While our idea might seem simple, we’ve built a moat of competitive advantages that are difficult to replicate. Being bootstrapped for this period, we’ve learnt to balance both flawless operations and profitability.